Build email campaigns that learn, adapt, and improve.

Optimail uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the timing, content, and personalization of your drip email campaigns.

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More effective email campaigns in 3 steps.

Draft your emails

Draft your emails

Create beautiful emails using our easy-to-use visual email editor. Don't sweat the details! Optimail automatically learns which emails work best for your customers.
Set your goals

Specify your goals

Go beyond open and click rates. Optimail learns to drive customers towards goals that are important to your business, such as purchasing, social sharing, and engagement.
Optimail learns and optimizes your campaign using AI

Optimail optimizes your campaign

Optimail sends your emails and learns from your customers' responses. It continually and automatically learns what and when to message to drive them towards your goals.

It's proven to increase engagement, drive conversions, and reduce spam reports.

Optimail beats A/B testing every time.

A/B tests compare your emails in isolation, don't consider your customers as individuals with unique preferences, and often focus on superficial metrics such as open and click rates.

Optimail provides a better way to optimize your campaigns using AI. Our algorithms assess the impact of your emails in the context of your entire campaign, tailor your campaigns to each customer, and focus on the goals that matter to you and your business.

Continuous Optimization

“Optimail took our existing onboarding campaign and increased engagement by 25% — all while sending 20% fewer emails! Optimail's personalized intelligence catalyzed our growth.”

– Marvin Russell, Founder of Checkli

Active Intelligence

Other marketing automation platforms send your emails, but force you to manage and optimize your campaigns through email A/B testing. Optimail takes automation to new levels by not only sending your emails, but also continually optimizing your campaigns by learning from your customers. Its version of email campaign optimization adjusts which messages are sent and to whom automatically, without creating more work for you.

Intuitive Campaign Builder

Building a drip marketing campaign shouldn't give you a headache. Unlike other platforms, you won't use any complex trees of rules and decision points when building your campaign with Optimail. Simply draft your emails, specify your goals, and Optimail learns what and when to message. Optimail works around the clock so you don't have to.

Powerful Algorithms

Optimail is powered by a suite of custom algorithms designed and built by our in-house team of PhD scientists. Each algorithm is tailored to a precise facet of email marketing. We use a combination of deep reinforcement learning and hierarchical Bayesian models to quickly and accurately learn about your customers and optimize your campaigns in real-time.

Simple API

Optimail integrates with your existing infrastructure in minutes. We provide a simple JavaScript snippet that drops into your existing website to enable customer profile importing, event tracking, and subscriptions. Want to customize your integration? Our REST API gives you direct access to the Optimail platform from the programming language of your choice.

Unique Insights & Analytics

Our novel approach to marketing automation empowers you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies. Identify each emails' effectiveness using a single metric, Optimail's Impact Score, to understand what works and find new opportunities for improvement. Our suite of advanced analytics, including Cohort Analyses, Sequence Analyses, and Algorithm Metrics will unlock new insights in to your customers and campaigns.

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