Go beyond A/B testing with continuous optimization of your email campaigns.

Optimail uses artificial intelligence and continuous learning to automatically discover the best strategy for your campaign.

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Create email campaigns that learn, adapt, and respond.

Neither your customers nor your business are static. So don't fall in the "email A/B testing" trap by making one-time comparisons that assume they are. Use Optimail to create campaigns that optimize themselves by automatically and continously learning from your customers' preferences, engagement and behavior.
Dynamic email A/B testing
Continuous email A/B testing

Optimail manages the complexity of email A/B testing automatically.

With so many possible variations of timing, content, and segmentation, managing your email campaign's A/B tests quickly becomes overwhelming. Let Optimail handle it for you by automatically exploring different strategies. It's like hiring a team of superhuman data scientists to work around the clock — without having to pay anyone's salary!

Optimail is a simple yet powerful alternative to manual email A/B testing.

Draft your emails

Draft your emails

Create beautiful emails using our easy-to-use visual email editor.
Set your goals

Specify your goals

Select the goals for your customers, like purchasing your app or sharing it with a friend.
Optimail learns and optimizes your campaign using AI

Optimail begins running tests

Optimail explores timing, message, and personalization strategies automatically to discover the perfect one.

“Optimail's automated email A/B testing increased our customers' app engagement by 25% while sending 20% fewer emails! We built the campaign, and Optimail did the rest.”

– Marvin Russell, Founder of Checkli

Try Optimail for free in minutes. Create a free account and see what Optimail can do for you.

Simply create your email variations, and Optimail does the rest.

No more setting up arbitrary audience splits or deciding how long to run an A/B test — Optimail automatically and continuously compares your variations in the context of your entire campaign to learn which works best for your customers.

Optimail's editor is easy to use.
Optimail uses AI to optimize your drip email campaigns.

Intelligently test timing, content, and personalization strategies.

Optimail automatically learns which message to send at what time in order to increase campaign engagement, drive customers toward your goals, and keep your messages out of the spam folder.

Easy integration with your website or app

Optimail integrates with your existing website or app in minutes. After completing our short setup wizard, simply drop in a small piece of code and you will be-and-running within minutes!

Optimail integrates with your existing infrastructure.
Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

See details about each customer's active subscriptions, campaign history, engagement with your campaigns, and activity on your website or in your app.

Insights and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Learn about the effectiveness of your emails using our clear Impact Score, and gain insight into your entire strategy with in-depth visualizations and daily metrics.



Every customer is different. Optimail learns about the preferences of your customers and sends the campaign that is most effective for them, not someone else.

Complete Automation

Complete Automation

No other marketing automation platform is this automated. Optimail doesn't just send your emails for you, it optimizes its effectiveness without you lifting a finger.

Powerful API

Powerful API

We made Optimail a snap to integrate with your site. But if you want a little bit more power, you can connect your app to our API for full customer and campaign management.

Intuitive Campaign Builder

Intuitive Campaign Builder

Build your campaign in minutes using our simple visual editor, one-click variation testing, and delivery scheduler. You might even want to build a second campaign just for fun.

Ready to go beyond A/B testing? Optimail is free while you build and integrate.