Email campaign optimization used to be difficult. Now it's automatic.

Optimail's artificial intelligence continuously optimizes your email campaign by automatically exploring and testing different strategies.

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Email campaign optimization requires learning from your customers.

Your customers are generating valuable data every time they engage with your campaign or your product. Hidden in these data are the signals that indicate whether your campaign is working or not. Optimail uses these signals to automatically identify the optimal, personalized email strategies that work best for your campaign.
Use artificial intelligence to optimize your email campaigns
Automated email campaign optimization with Optimail

Optimail handles the complexity of email campaign optimization for you.

Most email campaign optimization platforms force you to build complex decision trees and experiments — creating lots of work for you without any proof that it works! Optimail handles all the decision and experiments for you, while giving you a dashboard to see exactly what it's learning.

It's just 3 easy steps to continuous, automated optimization:

Draft your emails

Create your emails

Create elegant emails using our easy-to-use email editor in your dashboard.
Set your goals

Customize your goals

Choose the goals that you want to optimize, like purchasing your app or sharing it with a friend.
Optimail learns and optimizes your campaign using AI

Optimail optimizes your campaign

Optimail begins testing strategies automatically to discover the perfect email strategy.

“Our Optimail-optimized email campaign increased mobile app engagement by 25% while decreasing spam reports by 98%! ”

– Marvin Russell, Founder of Checkli

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